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Welcome to SilverDollar Ranch!

We are located in the scenic area of Nolensville, Tennessee.  We have 145 acres of trails and roads throughout the property along with a 2 acre lake.  The area is wooded and surrounded by several hundred acres belonging to other local farms. We have both deer and turkey roaming on the property and a variety of vegetation. You will also see an old homestead with the fireplace still standing deep in the property.  
Above you see(left to right)  Elvis, Priscilla and Jenny as they confront a buck on the property.  The confrontation ended peacefully as the buck bounded off and the three dogs after him.  

Soon we will be available for pasture boarding for horses. As soon as the exact date is decided we will post it.  For more information please call us at 615-480-2965.

Thanks for visiting

Don Howell